Windows 8 Tablets Under $200

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win8logoTablets that currently run the Windows 8 software are currently extremely popular, thanks to their ability of being able to run desktop applications, including games, music and other forms of media. These tablets can also be used to create professional documents, which can then easily be sent over the Internet via the tablets built in Wi-fi connectivity.

As it currently stands, there are no Windows 8 tablets that are under $200. Many people find the prospect of owning a Windows tablet a great idea, but when they check the price they become disappointed. This is because most tablets that run the Windows operating system are currently almost $500 in price. However, Intel have recently delivered news that could put a smile on a lot of peoples faces. The company have claimed that they are currently working on a device called an Atom Processor, that should help to double the computing power in modern devices. The Atom Processor is a small quad core component that will allow smaller devices the ability to have almost double the amount of power, and a longer battery life.

This Atom processor will be known as the ‘Bay Trail’ processor and will be included in all the latest laptops and tablets that run Windows 8 software. This inclusion will mean that tablet devices will drop down to $200 in price. These low cost tablets are likely to be ready as soon as the chip starts shipping. The $200 for a windows based tablet cannot come soon enough for many users, and will probably feature in a smaller tablet size. These new smaller sizes are becoming increasingly popular in recent times, what with the new iPad mini, and other smaller devices. As well as being able to handle all the processing of the larger devices, these smaller tablets are also easier to use on the move.

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