Top Tablets Under $200: Basic Tips

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tablet-tipsWe live in both a mobile and an information world; with the advent of the tablet computer we can enjoy both worlds together. Tablet style systems are the not only here to stay, but the way the computer industry is heading. With so many companies joining the tablet revolution push, customers now have options when deciding on the purchase of a tablet system. Major reviews sites such as LaptopMag and CNet offer excellent laptop reviews and sites like TabletNinja offer tablet review aggregation that can help ease the retail journey. Everyone wants to be able to buy the best available equipment, but in today’s economy the best of the best is not always an option. With companies like Google, ASUS, Acer, Samsung, Kindle and Nook competing for sales; affordable no longer means cheaply made or stripped down features.

When looking for a tablet computer, many top brand names are available, the Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble Nook, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Google Nexus by ASUS can all be found, in brand new condition, for under $200. These are not only top companies in the industry, there tablet offerings are full featured. All the above systems run up to date versions of the android operating system (OS) which gives you access to hundreds of thousands of applications. All also have an average of 1GB of RAM to handle your app choices memory needs, average 1.2GHz processor to ensure they run quickly, and 10GB of storage space to hold all your information. These tablets also are Bluetooth capable, which gives the user the option of connecting a keyboard and mouse when extensive typing is needed, and if you have ever tried to type a long email response on a touch screen you can appreciate that capability.

While tablets seem to be the utopia of the mobile computing world, just as every other emerging technology, there are some compromises that have to be made. Few android applications are currently optimized for tablets 7 to 9 inch screens which can cause over stretching making the application look odd to the end user. Additionally, and probably the biggest turn off for users, is the lack of 3G capability. While all the tablets are Wi-Fi capable, 3G availability on some models will cost extra, pushing the final price above the affordable $200 mark.

While compromises are the name of the game when searching for tablet systems under $200, if 3G capability is low on your priority list, this segment of the industry will fit your mobile system needs without breaking the bank.

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