Cheap Tablets Under $200 Basics

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Tablet PCs are the latest computing technology that is available to consumers and some models cost under $200. Most tablets have a 7 to 10 inch screen and they typically have features such as a front and rear facing camera, the ability to download apps, can record and playback movies and are designed for high end games. They typically have between 2GB and 16GB of RAM and have a memory card that can hold up to 32GB of data. Most tablets can be converted into different types of portable computing devices which include GPS devices, credit card scanners and security screeners. Lower end tablets typically do not have the ability to be utilized in this manner.

Most cheap tablet under $200 have a 7 inch screen, has 2GB of RAM and 4GB of SD card or storage space. They typically have low resolution screens and they can only lower end tablet markets that have been designed for a particular model. Many tablets that cost less than $200 can only be used to surf the web, play some music, look at pictures and watch videos. They can also be used for activities such as reading ebooks.

Computing companies such as Acer, HP and Toshiba make low end tablets that people can purchase for under $100. Netbook 7, Ematic 7 and Xelio 9 are companies that make low end tablets. Most of these tablets 2ave at least 1.2 GHZ and a 4 GHz HDD. A few come with front facing cameras but most do not.

Major computing companies such as Samsung, Dell and HP make some tablet models under $200 but they are very small for their size. Samsung has the Galaxy 3.5 or 4 tablets. These tablets are truly miniature in size since they have a smaller screen than the standard 7 inch models. Some Samsung Galaxy 4 models are priced at or under $200.

The Trio 7BT Stealth and the ClickN Kids tablets are also priced between $80 and $99. Most tablets that fall within the lower end price range typically do not come with accessories such as keyboards and mice. However, some models are sold with these options and a few even have the ability to be connected to a HDTV. Consumers should shop around in order to find the type of tablet that they will need that falls within this price range.

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