Buying Tablets Under $200 for Linux Use

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If you would like to run Linux on your tablet, there are many great options at your disposal. You can even find many of these at affordable prices as well. Many consumers are surprised by the versatility of some of these different tablets out there. You can get great quality when you shop for Linux tablets under $200. You will simply need to take a look at the market and compare some of the different technical specs that you may see.

First, you may want to see some of the tablets that are issued by Asus. This company is quickly cultivating a reputation for producing high quality tablets for bottom dollar prices. You can still get all the functionality and speed that you may expect to get from other tablets out there. For instance, you may want to check out the Asus Eee PC 4GB. This is a unit that carries a high degree of performance, especially considering it is one of the cheaper units available.

Some people may want to check out the Colby brand of tablets. They are developing a name for themselves, because you won’t find a cheaper set of tablets out on the market. They are very customizable, so you will be able to load Linux on to them and run it easily. Think about using this model if you want to simply get Linux tablets under $200 that you can use for your office place.

Finally, you can get a lot of functionality when you check out some of the refurbished models out there. This could be the best way to find affordable tablets, since you will essentially be getting second hand versions. Many companies refurbish tablets and install Linux on them afterwards. Check out some of the companies out there offering this service to buyers like yourself.

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